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Frequent Questions & Answers


Q. Zoom sessions/virtual learning

A. Only in-person teaching will be offered.


Q. Face masks: How strictly will the teachers be enforcing masks on the kids? 

A. Teachers will have daily discussions with the children about the importance of wearing masks. The goal is for the children to wear masks for as long as they can while they are in school, both inside and outside. Discussions at home reinforcing this importance will prove beneficial to this process.


Q. Would my child be able to wear a face shield instead?

A. The Department of Health has instructed us that face shields are not as protective as masks. Children will have to wear masks.


Q. Classroom/curriculum: How will the communication be setup to discuss how his first (and first couple) day(s) are/to go especially with the pick up/drop off outside the building?

A. For at least the first couple of weeks of school families will receive a daily report. This report will give you a glimpse into what the children did that day in school and will provide you any specific information you may need about your child.


Q. Would you be able to explain to me how a typical day would run?

A. A typical day would include circle time, centers, crafts and activities, story telling, and outdoor play. 


Q. Spacing.

A. Children will be spaced out at tables and at circle time.


Q. Social Distancing: Kids interacting / playing together inside the classroom and outside during outside time?

A. As you know, social distancing 3 and 4-year-olds is practically impossible. For that reason, mask wearing and hand hygiene is discussed daily. The children will be supervised to ensure safe play.


Q. Snack Time

A. Children will not be allowed to bring their own snack. We will not be eating in the classrooms. Having a snack ready in the car when you pick up your child may be helpful. If you’d like to share a birthday snack with the class, you may send individually wrapped snacks for each child, which will be placed in their backpacks.


Q. What measures will be taken to help ease a child or help them feel welcomed and relaxed?

A. If parents are comfortable with it, children will be held, hugged, and reassured. We must remember that we are dealing with little ones who need to feel comfortable and safe. The staff and I will be wearing masks and practicing proper hand hygiene as we interact with the children.


Q. Bathrooms

A. Public bathrooms will be closed. The children have bathrooms for their use in the classrooms.


Q.Pencil/Supply case- are they going to be bringing this back and forth to home and school. Can this be cloth or must it be hard plastic?

A. These will be brought back and forth and should be plastic. A best practice would be to wipe them down before coming into school.


Q. Backpacks.

A. Yes to backpacks. Again, plastic would work best so that they can be easily cleaned.


Q. Will there be 1 teacher for all sessions or just the one mentioned that is split into three smaller groups?

A. The 4’s MWF AM group is the only one that will be divided into groups (pods). The other sessions will not have to be separated, and the pod will remain together with the teachers.


Q. 4s might be different than 3s, how does that curriculum differ in terms of structure?

A. The class structure and curriculum will remain the same as it has always been. This year we will be spending time acclimating the children to school after such a long period of time having been home without much social interaction.


Q. Health and wellness: With the temperature notes, does this mean temperatures will be checked daily by staff, prior to parents leaving after drop off?

A. As the plans stand now, the children’s temperatures will be taken before entering the classroom.


Q. If a child tests positive in the class, the whole class would have to quarantine, am I interpreting that correctly?

A. Yes, the whole pod would have to quarantine. At this point, the Dept. of Health would be involved in the procedure. Updates are made continually as the CDC guideline and DOH set new parameters.


Q. How are the classrooms being ventilated with fresh air. Will the windows and doors be kept opened throughout the entire session

A. Classroom windows will be open, ceiling fans will be running, and, in the warmer months, air conditioners will be turned on.


Q.Will the kids be going outside at all?

A. Weather permitting, the children will go out daily. This will be an important part of the day since providing outdoor time is highly recommended.


Q. How much time will be spent outside teaching and/or on the playground?

A.The goal is to get the children outdoors as much as possible. To achieve this, we will not only use the playground, but also the property grounds to take walks, play games and get fresh air.


Q. Registration/Enrollment: If a parent does not feel comfortable but wishes to have the child attend later in the year (example parent wants to wait for vaccine or overall cases to go down) will that be an option with some type of holding deposit, etc?

A.We currently accept children until February 1st. Children may join us later in the year IF we are allowed to accept children and space permits it.


Q. Are the classes with more student enrollment being revised? As in students being shifted to different class times to keep class size smaller?

A.The guidelines issued are allowing for 15 students per pod. Currently, the only class that has to be divided is the 4’s MWF AM class.


Q. Will there be any flexibility to change structure and number of days (if enrolled in 3 days moving to 2, etc)

A. If you’d like to consider a change, the best time to discuss it would be before classes begin and groups are formed so that the changes to the pods of children can be kept to a minimum. This is one of our ways of keeping the children safe.

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