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4's Enrichment Program

The extra time on Tuesdays and Thursdays allows the 5-day Enrichment Program students to:

⭐️Delve deeper into Science and Social Studies topics.

⭐️Learn Spanish

⭐️Enjoy small group settings with lower teacher/child ratio learning components, which allow for specialized instruction for individual needs.
⭐️Use the Scholastic Magazine, My Big World, and explore the thematic units further by reading them in a small-group setting and doing the activities together. Age-appropriate educational videos are used as a technology component to reinforce the readings. These also allow the children to further explore, at home, via interactive thematic games.
⭐️Write the Letters – the extra time that the Enrichment programs provides, allows for further work on the correct formation of each letter through a lesson and worksheet.

⭐️Utilize Enrichment Books – these contain skill-building activities that focus on letters (phonics/pre- reading skills), numbers (early math skills), and fundamental skills (rhymes, sequencing, patterns, matching, etc.)

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