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 Over 55 years!


     The New Hackensack Nursery School was established as a four year old program in 1965 by a group of mothers who felt that the four year old child was a very special individual who required a school setting that provided the freedom to develop independence and creativity. It is the philosophy of NHNS Fours program that children are given the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively in a safe and loving classroom. The children are well prepared for Kindergarten through the emphasis on each of these key areas of development. The students learn problem solving, conflict resolution, sharing, taking turns and following directions all through their interactive play each day. They also participate in age appropriate academic games and thematic units. This safe, loving and learning environment encourages them to become confident and competent as they move on to elementary school.


     The New Hackensack Nursery School program for three year olds was established in 1971 in response to popular demand by parents. This developmentally appropriate program is implemented in a nurturing environment with qualified teachers. Academic and social growth is encouraged through exploration and discovery. Numbers, letters, shapes, sizes, colors, and many more concepts are introduced informally and reinforced through games, creative arts, and daily lessons. Fine motor skills are enhanced through the manipulation of small toys, play dough, the texture table, and the creative arts. Gross motor skills develop through exercise and free play. Independence and responsibility are achieved as the child matures and continues to model proper behavior. A year of fun and learning together prepares the child for the four-year old program.


     In 2012, NHNS added a 5-Day Program in our 4's Program.  The extended 5-day program has been designed to expand on learning opportunities currently incorporated into the 4’s curriculum. 

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