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3 Year Old Program 

Social and Emotional Goals:

  • Provide safe and nurturing environment

  • Develop a love of school

  • Help each child to develop a positive self-esteem

  • Provide role models for behavior

  • Foster a sense of independence

  • Encourage socialization with peers

  • Develop respect for others

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Learn to take turns

  • Provide opportunities for dramatic play


Academic Goals:

  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities

  • Develop listening skills

  • Increase attention span

  • Learn to follow 3-step directions

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

  • Introduce numbers and letters

  • Learn problem solving techniques 

  • Enhance basic academic skills

  • Introduce and reinforce basic concepts including:

      1-to-1 correspondence



      Numbers 1, 2, and 3

      Capital letters A-Z




      Same and different


4 Year Old Program 

Social and Emotional Goals:

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment to encourage social and emotional growth

  • Continue with building confidence and self esteem in preparation for kindergarten

  • Provide a wide variety of experiences to foster a love of learning

  • Teach and encourage respect of others and the rules of the classroom

  • Encourage independence and responsibility at school 

  • Provide creative dramatic play opportunities to teach cooperation, sharing and taking turns 

  • Encourage exploration of ideas and problem solving by working together


Academic Goals:

  • Learning and developing through play

  • Listening to and following directions including 2 step directions

  • Language and story writing- telling stories about experiences (ie: field trips)

  • Creative writing- students' thoughts and words in print

  • Science experiments

  • Letter recognition- all 26 upper case letters and recitation of the alphabet 

  • Number recognition- 1-10 and count to 20

  • Shape recognition- four basic geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle)

  • Knowledge of basic colors

  • Fine motor skills- working on correct pencil grip/writing first name and correct use of scissors/cutting out shapes

  • Introduction to reading- Alpha Tales Reading Program with letters and sounds

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